About us

Quanhom Technology Co., LTD  is a company specialized in the area of development and production of thermal infrared and electro-optical products which including infrared lenses, eyepieces, thermal infrared modules and systems etc,.

We also provide customized services for a infrared lens and module systems, and develop algorithms&software for thermal infrared modules processing.

Innovation is the key aspect of our company's profile,the main goal of the company is the development and marketing of thermal infrared technology components and systems.

Quanhom optical team leader who served national optical institution more than 15 years has rich experience of thermal infrared electro-optical product development, he specializes in designing complex optical products for thermal imaging and other applications.

Our research is focused on the creation of a wide range of products, which is used by security and commercial markets.We are ready to carry out research and development work on behalf of our customers, including development of prototypes and design documentation for serial production of optoelectronic components and devices for various purposes.