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Basis and constraints of the development of optoelectronic systems (2)

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Additionally to the previous post:

(4) With the development of new integrated circuit and microcomputer technology, the automation and intelligentialize of optoelectronics systems have been improved rapidly. In the military, such as missile guidance system, directional system, and early warning system, the new integrated circuit and microcomputer play an essential role. In the industrial production of automatic sorting, automatic detection, robot vision, and other systems are inseparable from the automatic, intelligent optoelectronics system. 

(5) The development of artificial light sources, especially the emergence of various new lasers (such as fiber laser), provides the optoelectronic system with high-quality media to carry information.

Using the collimation and coherence of laser, the application range of the system is extended, and the system's performance is improved. 

(6) The development of optoelectronic systems is also related to the technical status of the system's components. For example, the emergence of new detectors like thermal imaging ones, the application of uncooled detectors, the miniaturization of cooler, the increase in detector size, the new conception of servo mechanisms, the new designs of precision structures, the increase of new varieties of new materials, and the improvement of quality have all created new opportunities to improve the performance of optoelectronic systems. 

To sum up, the development of optoelectronic systems cannot be separated from the following three basic factors:

(1) The most basic driving force for the development of optoelectronic systems is human beings' desire to expand the vision and utilize light energy within the light wave range. 

(2) The development of optoelectronic systems is interdependent with the development of various photoelectric detectors.

(3) The development of optoelectronic systems needs the cooperation of many disciplines. It makes physics, optics, spectroscopy, electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor technology, automatic control, precision engineering, materials science, and other disciplines promote and permeate each other. Therefore, the latest achievements of various disciplines in optoelectronic systems will keep the optoelectronic systems innovation and development.

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