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Customization Team Capability

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1.Optical design engineer abilities:

Complete optical design tasks according to customer requirements, and make optical engineering drawings;

Optimize the optical design according to the actual situation, and complete the optimized optical engineering drawing;

Guide or assist the customers to complete the corresponding optical design task or optical optimization tasks.

2.Mechanical engineer abilities:

Use 3D mechanical design software for mechanical design and complete engineering drawing according to customer requirements;

Complete the selection of fasteners, seals, drivers and other standard parts according to customer requirements;

Direct or assist the customer to complete mechanical design tasks or mechanical design optimization tasks.

3.Related technical abilities:

Evaluation methods for imaging quality of continuous zoom lens: evaluation of optical software of spherical aberration, coma aberration, astigmatism, field curvature and distortion;

Conduct the following internal evaluation and make recommendations according to the specific requirements of the client project: selection of initial structure of the continuous zoom lens, selection of optical materials (including curvature, optimization of center thickness, application of high-order aspheric surfaces and so on).

Continuous zoom lens optimization design and techniques, tolerance analysis;

The fitting method and technique of continuous zoom cam curve;

The drawing of optical engineering drawings and the distribution of tolerances for continuous zoom infrared lenses;

3D structural design and techniques of continuous zoom lens based on relevant software;

Construction engineering drawing of the continuous zoom lens based on the relevant software;

Selection of common fasteners, seals and other standard parts;

Selection of common driving parts (motor, potentiometer and so on);

Design and selection of external parts for continuous zoom lenses;

Quality inspection of optical and mechanical parts for continuous zoom lenses;

Assembly and inspection of continuous zoom lenses and process control.  

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