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IRcore IRA65

Self-developed non-uniformity correction, image enhancement and noise suppression algorithms
Strong scalability and rich control interface
Small size and light weight
Integration with Sony HD module Available (Tracking/Memory)

IRA65shej 2IRA65shej


Imaging and Temperature measurement indicators  

Working Standard Uncooled long wave (8μm ~ 14μm) thermal imager

Detector Pixel 640×512

Cell Size 17μm

NETD (thermal sensitivity / noise equivalent temperature difference) 50mK(25)

MRTD (minimum resolvable temperature difference) 550mK (at the characteristic frequency)

Image Enhancement DDE (5-speed enhancement)

Dimming Method automatic / manual

Emissivity Correction Emissivity 0.01~1 adjustable

Palette Black hot, white hot, false color

Automatic Non-uniformity Correction Function Yes

Shutter Yes

Electronic Zoom 1.0-4.0 continuous electronic zoom

Synchronous Timing Function Yes

Picture Freeze Yes


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