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Safety and transportation

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Driving at night

With the development of transportation networks, traffic safety has been paid more and more attention. The driver’s line of sight is affected by various weather conditions and is highly prone to traffic accidents. The infrared thermal imaging aid system detects the road ahead in clear weather such as dark nights and haze, and clear imaging. At the same time, the detection range is wide and wide, up to 1.5 times of the high beam of the car, which can increase the driver's reaction time. Help drivers to take measures in advance to avoid traffic accidents and greatly improve the safety of driving.


City surveillance

Some important areas of the city are crowded with traffic, such as major roads, residential areas, etc. Ordinary visible light monitoring is weak at night and requires auxiliary lighting. However, high-intensity lighting facilities in the city will affect the normal life of residents and affect the city's cityscape. The infrared thermal imaging monitoring system provides clear imaging in weather conditions such as complete dullness and haze. All-weather monitoring of key urban areas to protect people's lives and property.

Help law enforcement officers find clues

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     Property security


Illegal transactions, theft, illegal fishing, and other illegal activities often occur in the wild, and generally occur at night, in the waters and other areas, the night visibility is low, the role of lighting equipment is limited, making illegal activities extremely difficult to find. Infrared thermal imaging technology can monitor the waters in the field all day long, search for suspicious traces, detect the distance, find the target ability, and also anti-disguise can effectively help the enforcement of law enforcement work.


Infrared thermal imaging technology is based on the principle that all objects with temperatures above absolute zero in the natural world emit different wavelengths of infrared light, and the infrared radiation emitted by the object is used for imaging. It can be used normally in the absence of light, even if it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will not create any blind spots. So it will not be affected by the sun's glare, night, headlights, road water, and smog. Thanks to its characteristics, infrared thermal imaging technology has been widely used in many fields.

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