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The role and status of thermal imaging technology

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The role and status of thermal imaging technology

Thermal imaging technology has three major functions:

(1) extending the observation range of the human eye to the infrared region of the spectrum;

(2) greatly improve the sensitivity of the human eye;

(3) Obtained information about the objective world and the thermal movement.

The rapid development of modern science and technology has revolutionized thermal imaging technology.

(1) Realizing thermal imaging of long-wave infrared and medium-wave infrared, realizing night vision in the true sense;

(2) The successful development of the second generation of thermal imaging products, mass production, has been widely used in land, sea, air, and sky;

(3) Realizing uncooled thermal imaging, the product enters batch production, which greatly reduces the price of the thermal imager;

(4) The development of complex and powerful information processing technology enables night vision technology to be more widely used.

Modern high-tech local warfare has several characteristics:

(1) Electronic warfare and information warfare;

(2) Air strikes and anti-air strikes;

(3) Stealth and anti-stealth;

(4) Night battle;

(5) Remote precision strike.

These operational characteristics are closely related to thermal imaging technology. Night vision equipment is the material basis of modern high-tech local wars. Equipped with night vision equipment, the troops can continue to fight day and night, making the operation more abrupt and beneficial to gain the initiative of the war. Early active infrared night vision devices were easy to expose targets and are now largely phased out. The low-light night vision device is very mature, but it is still affected by the weather. The appearance of thermal imaging cameras is a revolution in night vision technology, and it is a true night vision device. 

As the most important night vision technology today, thermal imaging technology has five major advantages:

(1) Environmental adaptability is superior to visible light, especially at night and in harsh weather, and has good ability to penetrate smoke and dust;

(2) Good concealment, safer and more confidential than radar and laser detection, and not easy to be interfered with;

(3) The ability to identify camouflage targets is better than visible light and has strong anti-stealth ability;

(4) has a long distance of action;

(5) Compared with the radar system, it is small in size, light in weight, and low in power consumption.

Since the water molecules in the atmosphere absorb infrared radiation more than the radar waves, thermal imaging technology cannot achieve all-weather work.

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