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Quanhom Technology Co., LTD is a company specialized in the area of development and production of thermal infrared optics and high precision products which including infrared lenses of LWIR, MWIR and SWIR, eyepieces, and prisms etc,.

Innovation is the key aspect of our company's profile, the main goal of Quanhom is research & development and production for supplying first class thermal infrared optical components on a global scale.
Our inspired engineers have rich experience of thermal infrared optical product development, we specialize in designing complex optical products for thermal imaging and other applications.

Our research is focused on the creation of a wide range of products, which is used by security, defense and commercial markets.We are ready to carry out research and development work on behalf of our customers, including development of prototypes and design documentation for serial production of optoelectronic components and devices for various purposes.
Our team of experts helps you maximize the quality and delivery requirements of engineering methods, product performance,and even the most complex applications.We are professional for providing customized services for infrared lens based on various applications, plenty of successful stories that we provide specialized manual lens for outdoor & defense purpose thermal imaging sights/ thermal imaging monocular/binoculars and border & coastal security, maritime applications and so on.

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