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Quanhom Technology Co., LTD is a company engaged in the area of development and production of thermal infrared optics. The high precision product range includes infrared lenses assemblies of SWIR/MWIR/LWIR , eyepieces, infrared lens elements, etc.

Innovation is Quanhom’s core value. The expert team continuously research and develop first class thermal infrared technology. The practised engineers have decades experience in designing complex infrared optical products. DFM (Design for Manufacturing) input from rapid prototyping to volume production, Our cutting-edge metrology coupled with cost-effective philosophy can help  customers obtain a competitive edge in the global market.

Our inspired engineers have rich experience of thermal infrared optical product development, we specialize in designing complex optical products for thermal imaging and other applications.

Our one-stop-solution for complex challenges in defense, security and commercial applications is recognized by worldwide customers. With innovative design, custom engineering, optical system assessment and manufacturing, our multilingual team(English, Spanish, Italian and Russian) can ensure seamless communication from project initiation to closure. Nearly 60 projects are being conducted annually from advisory to the end production. Plenty of successful stories have been created by Quanhom’s outstanding team for different applications, such as outdoor & defense purpose thermal imaging sights, thermal imaging monocular/binoculars, border & coastal security, maritime applications, and UAV IR payload.

Professional Advisory - Quanhom provides complete-range thermal infrared products, including complex infrared lens assemblies(SWIR, MWIR, LWIR), infrared lenses(Zinc Selenide, inc Sulfide, Silicon, Germanium, Gallium Arsenide, and Calcium Fluoride, Barium Fluoride and Chalcogenide), eyepieces, etc. The best solution will be selected according to your demand
Efficient & Reliable - The advanced factory management will ensure the consistency and efficiency of production. Meanwhile, following the Quanhom’s strict quality system, stable, efficient and high quality IR products will be provided to our customers
Customized Service - whatever your requirement is for defense, security or commercial applications, we can all modify the design until it suits your specific requirement, even the most complex challenge
Rapid Prototyping - Time critical project? Quanhom can provide the most rapid delivery time, normally 2 weeks, to help customers obtain a competitive edge in the global market

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Address: 6F Building 1, No.77 Lianchuang Rd, Hangzhou 311121 China

Tel:+86(0)571 8861 2325
Phone/Whatsapp: +86(0)177 6706 8266
Fax Number: +86(0)571 8861 2503
Email: info@quanhom.com

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