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Common materials applied in Infrared lens

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Common materials applied in Infrared lens

The development of infrared materials are always strongly linked with infrared technology and opto-electronic technique. For infrared optical materials, optical properties is the first factor that we should pay attention to, then choose the suitable material according to the optical band. Meanwhile its mechanics and thermal properties are also important factors.. In the situation of same band, while choosing from various materials, optical property is the most important and basic property of infrared optical materials. For example, the relation between reflection of light, absorptivity and temperature, the relation between transmittance and temperature, emissivity and microwave dielectric properties of infrared optical materials.

Here below are some common infrared optical materials for different applications and demands.

Germanium (2-16um), is the most common optical material. It should be careful treated in the process of light processing, coating and adjustment. This problem can all be solved compared with its advantages: 95% transmittance, high refractive index (≈4), small absorption coefficient, low dispersion rate, wide band application;


Silicon(1.2-7um), applied in mostly near infrared. The dispersion of silicon is quite low. Besides, It has enough advantage in controlling aberration;

Zinc selenide (0.6-16um), its transmittance>97, with high purity, strong environmental adaptability, and good uniformity of refractive index, lower than germanium lens (≈2.4);


zinc sulfide: it has higher hardness, higher fracture strength, higher resistance to harsh environment than ZnSe, mostly used in sensors and aviation environment;

Calcium oxide, it can be used for optical components like prism, lens and large-diameter lens and windows. It can eliminate secondary spectrum and it is useful for spectral apochromation;

Infrared lens are widely used in night vision goggles, imaging system and medical apparatus and instruments. Quanhom is good at producing infrared lens of various materials, like germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, zinc sulfide, sapphire and so on. For more information, feel free to contact with us:

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