Trends in infrared detectors

In the future, infrared detectors will accelerate with the rapid development of the detectors and their supporting technologies and the rapid expansion of market demand. The development trend of detectors has the following five aspects:

(1) Integrated-integrated infrared detector helps to simplify the system structure, and can make full use of the latest achievements in semiconductor materials and process technology, microelectronics, micromachining, and refrigeration to facilitate device focal planarization;

(2) Focal plane - using focal plane devices to better meet the requirements of the system and simplify the system structure;

(3) Large arrays - In order to significantly improve the performance of the system, the infrared detector will be directed to the large array and the long line development of;

(4) Miniaturization - The infrared system will overcome difficulties in refrigeration, optical design and processing, signal processing and display, reduce volume, reduce weight, reduce costs, etc., in order to expand its application range;

(5) High-speedization - After the number of detection elements is increased, it is compatible with high-definition television, and it is necessary to obtain a fast target thermal image, etc., and it is necessary to increase the frame rate and sampling speed of the focal plane detector;

(6) Multi-colorization - With the advancement of materials, devices and system technology, infrared detectors will develop into more spectral bands, including broadening the spectral band and dividing the spectral band into more detailed bands. Get the target's "color" thermal image to get richer, more accurate, and more reliable information on the target;

(7) Intelligentization - achieves non-uniformity correction, image processing, and adaptive detection of background radiation on the detector chip.

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