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What kind of after-sell service can we provide?

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What kind of after-sell service can we provide?

Update Time:2022/7/4

1Quality problems

QUANHOM provides comprehensive warranty service and extended warranty service. If any quality problem occurs during the warranty period, QUANHOM will provide free maintenance, replacement and other services. If the problems occur after the warranty, QUANHOM will still be in charge of corresponding maintenance with reasonable fee. Due to improper use, accidental damage or other repair methods are not covered by the warranty, we will cooperate with customers to solve the problem and provide corresponding assistance.

2Customer consultation

We will provide detailed technical consultancy contact info, you can contact us for technical consultancy via flexible communication such as phone call, fax and Email at any time. According to the specific requirement, QUANHOM will communicate directly according to the specific needs to solve your problems satisfactorily.

3Components support

We prepare plenty of components for different products and periodically check and replenish components stock to ensure that your products can be timely repaired once the malfunction happens.

4Regular return visits

After delivery and usage, QUANHOM will perform a tracking service for the commodity by telephone,email or visit to know the operation situation of products and the suggestion and requirements from customers. Then QUANHOM will feedback on the information to related functional departments to serve customers better with satisfactory service.