Work more efficiently
Temperature is of great importance in automobile assembly, equipment testing, product optimization and other aspects. It is related to safety, efficiency and whether the product can create more space with better state and more stable performance
Automobile production
Engine and other components heat dissipation detection
Heat balance of heating elements
Distribution of solder joints
Performing a test takes a long time
Or non-contact tasks that are not easily accessible
It can help you detect anomalies in a timely manner
Testing environment
At higher resolution
Larger aperture, with the drone
Can be deep into each environment for testing
Greatly reduced manpower and material resources
Including more
Iron and steel smelting, machine manufacturing optimization and automation control, electrical diagnosis and so on, all benefit from the latest focal plane array technology, the integration of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of signal amplifiers By placing the chip on the focal plane of the optical system, the panoramic image of the target can be obtained without the need of optical scanning system, which greatly improves the sensitivity and thermal resolution and further improves the detection distance and recognition ability of the target

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