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Infrared knowledge

  • IR zoom lens applications

    IR zoom lens applicationsThis article will summarize the application of refractive and reflective infrared zoom lenses.- Scene Projection and SimulationAn important application is the realistic testing of advanced missiles. This can be obtained by an electro-optic system operating in the 3~5μm or 8~

  • IR Lenses for UAVsDrones

    IR Lenses for UAVs/DronesAccording to Teal Group analysts: the worldwide UAV market will total in $90 billion in the next 10 years.On one part, It benefits from the explosion demand of the consumer market, more and more people start recognizing this latest high-technology

  • Long Range IR Continuous Zoom LWIR Lenses

    Long Range IR Continuous Zoom LWIR LensesQuanhom has officially launched one new series lately: GCZ1030 30-300mm F0.85/F1.3 continuous zoom LWIR lens. These cutting-edge long range zoom lenses are optimized to provide superb image quality over long distances even under the extreme environmental cond

  • Common materials applied in Infrared lens

    Common materials applied in Infrared lensThe development of infrared materials are always strongly linked with infrared technology and opto-electronic technique. For infrared optical materials, optical properties is the first factor that we should pay attention to, then choose the suitable material

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