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The infrared lens of infrared thermal imaging detector is also very important

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1. What is an infrared thermal imaging detector?
The infrared thermal imaging detector works by using the electromagnetic waves emitted by the object. To be precise, the short-wave infrared of the electromagnetic wave band located at 2-5μm or the long-wave infrared of 8-12μm stimulates the work of the detector. Expressed on the screen is black cold white hot, or white cold black hot, etc., using gray to indicate the specific heat.

 Infrared band

Figure 1 Infrared band


Figure 2. Grayscale FT2-25~225mm f0.8~1.3 LWIR infrared lens

2. What is a cooled detector and an uncooled detector?
  In short, the uncooled detector can work at normal temperature, while the cooled type needs to work in an ultra-low temperature environment of minus 190 ℃, so it generally adds a refrigeration device, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity and long working distance. Technology and manufacturing costs are also very high, usually applied in high-end military fields such as aerospace, ships, missiles, and scientific research. In contrast, the uncooled type has advantages in terms of price, power consumption, and life. It can be used in many civilian fields. Uncooled detectors account for about 1/2 or 1/3 of the cost, while cooled detectors account for 7 Into.


Figure 3 LWIR uncooled effect FT2-25~225mm f0.8~1.3 LWIR infrared lens

MWIR Lens effect

Figure 4  MWIR lens effect

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