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Common questions about infrared temperature measurement

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What is the principle of infrared thermal imaging technology
Infrared thermal imaging technology is based on the principle of non-contact temperature measurement. In layman's terms, the infrared lens receives and concentrates the infrared radiation emitted by the measured object;it measures your electromagnetic waves. So how did the electromagnetic waves come from? As long as there is temperature, it will emit electromagnetic waves, and temperature is the macroscopic performance of molecules and atomic movements, so as long as the atomic molecules on your body are still moving, you don't want to escape the eyes of infrared thermal imaging technology.

infrared thermal imaging technology 

Figure 1. Cold and hot

Infrared thermal imaging

Figure 2. Infrared image

2. Can infrared thermal imaging technology be calibrated? Will it be a false alarm? The normal temperature of the human forehead is 33-35 ℃, the face is 34.2-35.2 ℃, and the neck is 34.8-35.6 ℃. Once the fever starts, the light starts at 37.3 ℃ and the weight increases at 38 ℃. This obvious change is obviously easy to observe By the way, as for the high body temperature after exercise, you have to look at the actual situation. Can sweaty 37.5 ℃ be the same as the normal 37.5 ℃?

High temperature infrared image
Figure 3. High temperature infrared image

3. What factors will affect the infrared thermal imaing?
   Outdoor temperature, detection distance, etc. will affect the detection effect, so the detection location is generally selected in the indoor constant temperature place, to avoid the impact of the ambient temperature on the human body, after all, you are blown to 36 ℃ by cold wind, infrared thermometer can only measure 36 ℃. At the same time, according to the site conditions, a suitable temperature measurement distance will be selected to obtain a more accurate temperature measurement value. Just like a fire, it must be different between 1m and 10m.

temperature measurement distance
Figure 4.Temperature Measurement Distance

Infrared thermal imaging camera

Figure 5. Infrared thermal imaging camera

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