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IR lens custom-made background production
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Integrated System Solution

Quanhom has a fully staffed a vertically integrated engineering capability to deliver high quality, stable performance opto-mechatronic systems at low cost. We adds value to our customers by applying our design capability and manufacturing in optics, mechanics, electrics, assembly technology to provide unique, compelling subsystem and system solutions. Quanhom’s knowledge and expertise are in optics, opto-mechanics, motion control, and electro-optics, which meet the most demanding customer needs for performance, reliability, value, and schedule. Our solutions are used in our customer products in the life science and medical, industrial, and aerospace/scientific research markets.

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Address: 6F Building 1, No.77 Lianchuang Rd, Hangzhou 311121 China

Tel:+86(0)571 8861 2325
Phone/Whatsapp: +86(0)177 6706 8266
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