IRcore IRA65


  • Self-developed non-uniformity correction, image enhancement and noise suppression algorithms
  • Strong scalability and rich control interface
  • Small size and light weight
  • Integration with Sony HD module Available (Tracking/Memory)


Imaging and Temperature measurement indicators 
Working StandardUncooled long wave (8μm ~ 14μm) thermal imager
Detector Pixel640×512
Cell Size17μm
NETD (thermal sensitivity / noise equivalent temperature difference)≤50mK(25℃)
MRTD (minimum resolvable temperature difference)≤550mK (at the characteristic frequency)
Image EnhancementDDE (5-speed enhancement)
Dimming Methodautomatic / manual
Emissivity CorrectionEmissivity 0.01~1 adjustable
PaletteBlack hot, white hot, false color
Automatic Non-uniformity Correction FunctionYes
Electronic Zoom1.0-4.0 continuous electronic zoom
Synchronous Timing FunctionYes
Picture FreezeYes
Indicating CursorYes
Start Time≤10 seconds
Tracking Indicator
Data Refresh Raterate 25Hz (infrared) / consistent with the frame rate of the Sony movement (visible light)
Output Delay Lag<40ms (infrared) / reciprocal of Sony's movement frame rate, for example, frame rate 25, 40ms (visible light)
Tracking Speed±32 pixels / field
Target Memory Tracking FunctionYes
Target Size16×16~128×128 pixels
Environmental Adaptability
Working Temperature-40 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Storage Temperature-40℃~65℃
Electrical Interface
Communication InterfaceRS232
Button Control4 buttons
Analog Output VideoPAL
Digital Output VideoCamera-link
Power Input12V
Structure Size107×42.5×64 (mm)
Weight≤120g (without lens)
Power Consumption≤2.8W(25℃)