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Long Range IR Continuous Zoom LWIR Lenses

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Long Range IR Continuous Zoom LWIR Lenses

Quanhom has officially launched one new series lately: GCZ1030 30-300mm F0.85/F1.3 continuous zoom LWIR lens. These cutting-edge long range zoom lenses are optimized to provide superb image quality over long distances even under the extreme environmental conditions, as well as suit the demand of outstanding detection, recognition and identification (DRI) range capabilities. It can perfectly adapts to  UFPA formats with 1024x768, 12μm.

It is designed for wide range applications, border control, critical infrastructure security, forest fire prevention and more defense&security applications.

GCZ1030 30-300mm Main features:

- Accurate thru-zoom boresight

- Maintains focus throughout the zoom (optional)

- Rugged design assures stable function in extreme environment

- Optical zoom up to X10

- Focal length range from 30mm to 300mm

- High optical performance

- High durability DLC coating

Feel free to contact with us to get detailed information about GCZ1030 30-300mm lens:

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