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  • Thermal imager increasing requested for defending Coronavirus

    A new type of coronavirus cause severe impacts on countries. As human temperature abnormal is an important indicator for detecting flu, thermographic thermal imager has been widely used in public places, such as airport, railway stations and inter-city bus stations quarantine.

  • Common materials applied in Infrared lens

    Common materials applied in Infrared lensThe development of infrared materials are always strongly linked with infrared technology and opto-electronic technique. For infrared optical materials, optical properties is the first factor that we should pay attention to, then choose the suitable material

  • Classification of zoom lens

    Classification of zoom lensThere are two types of zoom lenses, optical compensation, and mechanical compensation.In an optically compensated zoom lens, two or more alternate lenses are connected and move together relative to the lens between them. This structure simplifies the mechanical structure a

  • The Future Trends of infrared lens

    The Future Trends of infrared lens1. AthermalizationVarious methods are currently used to achieve athermalization. Using a combination of materials such as zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, and germanium can provide some passive optical athermalization. Hybrid passive / active mechanical athermalization

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