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  • Basis and constraints of the development of optoelectronic systems (2)

    Additionally to the previous post:(4) With the development of new integrated circuit and microcomputer technology, the automation and intelligentialize of optoelectronics systems have been improved rapidly. In the military, such as missile guidance system, directional system, and early warning syste

  • Basis and constraints of the development of optoelectronic systems (1)

    Development of optoelectronic systems is not isolated. It is based on the development of related disciplines and technologies. At the same time, it is also restricted by corresponding disciplines and technologies.

  • MWIR Imaging Principle

    MWIR Imaging Principle1. The fundamentals of thermal infrared imaging;2.The characteristics of thermal infrared imaging optical system:(1) Dewar bottle assembly, cold light diaphragm and cold shield;(2) Cold light diaphragm efficiency。

  • Customization Team Capability

    Customization Team Capability:1.Optical design engineer abilities;2.Mechanical engineer abilities;3.Related technical abilities。

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