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  • Safety and transportation
    Safety and transportation

    Driving at night
    With the development of transportation networks, traffic safety has been paid more and more attention. The driver’s line of sight is affected by various weather conditions and is highly prone to traffic accidents. The infrared thermal imaging aid system detects the road ahead in clear weather such as dark nights and haze, and clear imaging.

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  • Basic problems solved by thermal imaging technology
    Basic problems solved by thermal imaging technology

    Basic problems solved by thermal imaging technology
    Due to the thermal radiation imaging emitted by the scene itself, the problem of insufficient light intensity in nighttime observation is fundamentally solved. The room temperature scene is constantly emitted including medium wave infrared (3~5 μm), especially long-wave infrared (8~14 μm) Infrared radiation with a large number of photons in the band.

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  • The role and status of thermal imaging technology
    The role and status of thermal imaging technology

    The role and status of thermal imaging technology
    Thermal imaging technology has three major functions:
    (1) extending the observation range of the human eye to the infrared region of the spectrum;
    (2) greatly improve the sensitivity of the human eye;
    (3) Obtained information about the objective world and the thermal movement.
    The rapid development of modern science and technology has revolutionized thermal imaging technology.
    (1) Realizing thermal imaging of long-wave infrared and medium-wave infrared, realizing night vision in the true sense;
    (2) The successful development of the second generation of thermal imaging products, mass production, has been widely used in land, sea, air, and sky;
    (3) Realizing uncooled thermal imaging, the product enters batch production, which greatly reduces the price of the thermal imager;
    (4) The development of complex and powerful information processing technology enables night vision technology to be more widely used.

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  • Overview of Thermal Imaging Technology
    Overview of Thermal Imaging Technology

    Thermal Imaging Technology
    During the day, the human eye can see the scenery in nature. Because the eye receives direct light that reflects the sun on the surface of the scene, or scatters light. At night, although there is no solar illumination, in most nights, there are still moonlight, starlight or atmospheric glow. The surface of the scene in nature still reflects these faint light, so the human eye can still see the nearby scenery and the big The outline of the scene is observed at night, and the basic contradiction is that the light intensity received by the human eye is insufficient.

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