OPTO Design

As an optic manufacturing company, we know about the actual glass availability than others. Quanhom’s state-of-the-art R&D team with a comprehensive development enviroment and a deep foundation of innovative research giving it the capacity to seamlessly develop a project from conception to serial production. From optical aspect we can do:
  • Optical calculations
  • Design of optical elements and systems
  • Tolerances analyses
  • Process of adjustment
  • Analysis and synthesis of optical system using software ZEMAX, OSLO
  • Multi-configuration regime
  • Monte-Carlo methodology
  • Ghost analysis (sequential or non-sequential mode)
  • Output
  • Drawings of optical elements and optical systems
  • Mechanical parts construction requirements
  • Black box
  • Optimization is done by own merit methods, using wide range of optimization operands (aberration, optical performance, shapes)

Tips: Sepcifications are subject to change without notice.