Medical thermal imaging
Combine the infrared camera with the microscope to form infrared heat Imaging microscope for target objects up to 3 microns Accurate temperature measurement. Electronics manufacturers use infrared heat Determining the thermal properties of components and semiconductor substrates like a microscope, No physical contact is required.
Infrared thermal imaging microscope
Medical thermal imaging is a high-performance thermal imager for surface temperature Non-contact quasi-determination for visualization and quantitative analysis of changes Diagnostic technology. Medical applications include vascular assessment, tumor tissue Identification, muscle strain assessment and bleeding point detection.
High speed/stop motion
High-speed thermal imaging reduces exposure time to microseconds Static visual motion of dynamic scenes, capturing frame rates up to per second 62,000 frames. Such applications include jet engine turbine blades, Thermal analysis and dynamic analysis of supersonic flying projectiles and explosions
Infrared Nondestructive Testing (IR NDT)
Infrared non-destructive testing (IR NDT) can be performed on the target surface The target excites and observes the temperature difference to detect the internal defects of the target. red External non-destructive testing (IR NDT) is the detection of voids in composite materials, An important tool for stratification and inclusion. 

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