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Quanhom bridges the gap between excellent performance of high precision optical components and limited budget. Remarkably we specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of IR optics such as thermal infrared lenses (IR lenses included LWIR, MWIR and SWIR) for various applications around the globe with superior quality.
Either with customers supplied designs or with using our own, our experienced and inspired experts are always able to offer optimized infrared lens glass and assembly options.

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Quanhom's state-of-the-art R&D team is skillful at providing the design and manufacturing of your thermal infrared optical products concept seamlessly. From simple infrared lens elements sub-assemblies to complex opto-mechanical and electro-optical assemblies with precision and reliability. We offer not only the essential products but also dedicated to providing comprehensive customize services.


Innovative and experience are both important for thermal infrared optical technology.


Professional team standing by for supporting your specific projects.


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We not only good at supporting various projects with thermal infrared lens and elements, but also professional for providing custom services for infrared lens design and research for all main and future applications of thermal infrared technologies, such as...

R&D Scene
Thermal imaging cameras can indicate material properties under the most demanding conditions and Performing non-contact temperature measurement. A series of infrared sensors type and optical properties make infrared thermal imaging a number of research environments An indispensable part.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras can clearly image small objects, which is of great help to the effect of microscopic imaging. Some similar objects under visible light will show differences in infrared thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect extremely tiny temperature differences, convert the temperature difference into real-time video image display, can see through obstacles such as fog, rain, smoke, etc. It can be used in extreme weather, can be used normally during the day and night for long-distance surveillance or even for homeland security.


Scientists designing and manufacturing circuit boards face the task of managing heat dissipation How to balance the performance or cost of the problem. Accurate understanding of thermal issues Straight is a very difficult thing. However, with thermal imaging, Engineers can easily observe the equipment they manufacture Thermal mode and quantitative analysis to design better products

Medical Field
Infrared thermal imaging technology is outstanding in the medical field, using the infrared radiation energy of the human body itself, and through the photoelectric signal conversion, the infrared radiation information of the human body surface is finally presented in the form of a pseudo-color infrared thermal image. This can help the experts to conduct a more comprehensive diagnosis, and some areas of the disease caused by inflammation, combined with high-precision detectors, can find more subtle symptoms.

HHTI hand-held thermal imager can clearly see people, weapons, and animals in harsh environments such as full black, smoke, dust, rain and snow, trees, camouflage, etc. This has a great effect on finding enemy conditions in advance and quickly finding prey, which can meet fast high-precision stable shooting. Lightweight, small size, easy to carry

Innovative Key Research

Quanhom high precision optics team have extensive experience in thermal infrared OPTO product development and specialize in designing complex optical elements and assemblies.
Our research focuses on creating a wide range of thermal infrared lenses for use in the defense, security and commercial markets. We are ready to conduct research and development on behalf of our customers, including the development of prototypes and design documents for the mass production of photovoltaic components and equipment for various uses.

Interpolitex 2020

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                                     interplitex Exhibition
Interpolitex 2020
Moscow VDNH (Hall 75), Hall A-B, 1A3-1
October 20-23, 2020

DSA 2020

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DSA 2020
MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, Level 3, booth number 11069
24 - 27 August 2020
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[COVID-19] Jan 27,2020
Thermal imager increasing requested for defending Coronavirus

Quanhom optical team members work together with partners to provide thermal optical components such as infrared lenses for their thermographic quarantine products integration.

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Jan 11,2021
MWIR Imaging Principle

MWIR Imaging Principle1. The fundamentals of thermal infrared imaging;2.The characteristics of thermal infrared imaging optical system:(1) Dewar bottle assembly, cold light diaphragm and cold shield;(2) Cold light diaphragm efficiency。


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