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We dedicated to the design and manufacture of high precision optics products for various applications
around the globe with superior quality and service which enables customer success, employee prosperity and the innovation in the application of thermal infrared. Either with customers supplied designs or with using our owns, Quanhom offers complex integrated optronics solutions of the highest quality based on our years of experience and expertise.

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As a successor company of EO institution(specialized in optical design and manufacture), Quanhom's state-of-the-art R&D team is skillful at providing the design and manufacturing of your thermal infrared products concept seamlessly. From simple sub-assemblies to complex opto-mechanical and electro-optical assemblies with precision and reliability. We offer not only the essential products but also dedicated to providing comprehensive customize services


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We not only good at supporting various projects with thermal infrared lens and elements, but also professional for providing custom services for infrared lens design and research for all main and future applications of thermal infrared technologies, such as...

Medical field
Infrared thermal imaging technology is outstanding in the medical field, using the infrared radiation energy of the human body itself, and through the photoelectric signal conversion, the infrared radiation information of the human body surface is finally presented in the form of a pseudo-infrared thermal image. This can help the experts to conduct a more comprehensive diagnosis, and some areas of the disease caused by inflammation, combined with high-precision detectors, can find more subtle symptoms.


Design board
Scientists designing and manufacturing circuit boards face the task of managing heat dissipation How to balance the performance or cost of the problem. Accurate understanding of thermal issues Straight is a very difficult thing. However, with thermal imaging, Engineers can easily observe the equipment they manufacture Thermal mode and quantitative analysis to design better products

R&D scene
Thermal imaging cameras can indicate material properties under the most demanding conditions and Perform non-contact temperature measurement. a series of infrared sensors Type and optical properties make infrared thermal imaging a number of research environments An indispensable part.


Medical thermal imaging
Combine the infrared camera with the microscope to form infrared heat Imaging microscope for target objects up to 3 microns Accurate temperature measurement. Electronics manufacturers use infrared heat Determining the thermal properties of components and semiconductor substrates like a microscope, No physical contact is required.

Infrared thermal imaging microscope
Medical thermal imaging is a high-performance thermal imager for surface temperature Non-contact quasi-determination for visualization and quantitative analysis of changes Diagnostic technology. Medical applications include vascular assessment, tumor tissue Identification, muscle strain assessment and bleeding point detection.

Innovative key research

The head of Quanhom's optics team has worked at the National Optical Institute for more than 15 years. We have extensive experience in infrared OPTO product development and specialize in designing complex optical products and other applications.
Our research focuses on creating a wide range of products for use in the security and commercial markets. We are ready to conduct research and development on behalf of our customers, including the development of prototypes and design documents for the mass production of photovoltaic components and equipment for various uses.
Thermal imager increasing requested for defending Coronavirus
January 27, 2020

A new type of coronavirus, or so-called Wuhan virus cause severe impacts on China. As human temperature abnormal is an important indicator for detecting flu, thermographic thermal imager has been widely used in public places, such as airport, railway stations and inter-city bus stations quarantine.

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Safety and transportation
January 03, 2020

Driving at night With the development of transportation networks, traffic safety has been paid more and more attention. The driver’s line of sight is affected by various weather conditions and is highly prone to traffic accidents. The infrared thermal imaging aid system detects the road ahead in clear weather such as dark nights and haze, and clear imaging.

Basic problems solved by thermal imaging technology
October 18, 2019

Basic problems solved by thermal imaging technology Due to the thermal radiation imaging emitted by the scene itself, the problem of insufficient light intensity in nighttime observation is fundamentally solved. The room temperature scene is constantly emitted including medium wave infrared (3~5 μm), especially long-wave infrared (8~14 μm) Infrared radiation with a large number of photons in the band.

The role and status of thermal imaging technology
September 24, 2019

The role and status of thermal imaging technology Thermal imaging technology has three major functions: (1) extending the observation range of the human eye to the infrared region of the spectrum; (2) greatly improve the sensitivity of the human eye; (3) Obtained information about the objective world and the thermal movement. The rapid development of modern science and technology has revolutionized thermal imaging technology. (1) Realizing thermal imaging of long-wave infrared and medium-wave infrared, realizing night vision in the true sense; (2) The successful development of the second generation of thermal imaging products, mass production, has been widely used in land, sea, air, and sky; (3) Realizing uncooled thermal imaging, the product enters batch production, which greatly reduces the price of the thermal imager; (4) The development of complex and powerful information processing technology enables night vision technology to be more widely used.

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