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Quanhom Thermal Infrared Optics

Quanhom bridges the gap between customers' excellent performance of high precision optical components and limited budget. Remarkably we specialize in the design and manufacture of a wide range of thermal infrared lenses (IR lenses including LWIR, MWIR, and SWIR) for various applications around the globe with superior quality.Our experienced and inspired experts are always able to offer optimized infrared lens glass and assembly options either with customers' supplied designs or using our own.


25-125mm Continuous Zoom LWIR Lens

GCZ52512D is a 25-125mm continuous zoom lens designed and developed by QUANHOM, which is mainly used in security and surveillance, border patrol and parameter security, homeland security, maritime applications and so on. The focusing success rate after selecting the focusing board is more than 90%.

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40/120mm Dual-FOV Lens

GLD40N120 is a 40/120mm Dual-FOV Lens newly developed by Quanhom which is used in border patrol and parameter security, homeland security, maritime applications and other special occasions. Through ...

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TIRH Series

TIRH Thermal Imaging Riflescope Handheld Series

TIRH series is an infrared handheld observation device with two configurations of focal length and detector resolution, and the effective observation distance reaches 1200 meters and 2800 meters respectively. The device can also be converted into a quick-release gun sight.

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lTZ Series

LWIR Infrared Thermal Camera Module

The lTZ series features ultra-small size, ultra-light weight, ultra-low power consumption and ultra-high resolution, and supports customised electrical interfaces for various system integrations. The cores can be used in a variety of high-end imaging and observation applications, such as small handheld devices, outdoor targeting, security monitoring, and optoelectronic system integration.

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Quanhom | Custom Infrared Optics, Infrared Lenses Design & Manufacturer
We specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of thermal infrared lenses (IR lenses including LWIR, MWIR and SWIR)
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Whatever your requirements, our know-how, expert team, technology are all here, ready to provide you with the precise, fully-tailored solution you need.
Providing Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications
Quanhom professional R&D team collaborates with our commercial & defense customers and leading detector manufacturers to develop and design optimized optics with unparalleled optical performance quality.

Security & Surveillance

Maritime & Naval

Homeland Security

Hand-held Thermal Imaging Devices

Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Screening

Your Ideal Partner for Customized Optics
Advanced optical design technologies and innovative engineering are applied to our build-to-specification development processes, allowing us to reach efficient design results with fewer elements, lighter components and reduced-cost.

Optomechatronics Optimization

Optomechatronics system is not simply to mount the lens optical-mechanical parts with electronics thermal imaging module, computers, and others, but also needs professional optimizations to ensure the overall performance such as LOS(line of sight), FOV change time, and more.

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Infrared Optics Test & Inspection Service

Thanks to the adequate types of equipment, the reliability of Quanhom quality control is always on the top class in the industry. MRTD test reports are also provided if necessary.

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Introduction of Continuous Zoom Lens

Infrared lens design is a complex process including optical path, structure, mechanical, electrical, application, coatings and other aspects. Quanhom experienced the design team and processing team to complete the entire design project. The complete design and processing capability from concept to the prototype of mass production enables us to provide ideal solutions for our customers.

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Exhibitions & Events of Quanhom
Quanhom participated in the German IWA exhibition held in 2023. We are set to attend the Kuala Lumpur DSA as well as the Paris EUROSATORY in 2024, and other upcoming events. During these exhibitions and conferences, we maintain effective communication with our strategic partners, discussing future trends in the optoelectronic industry and achieving fruitful results.
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How does the long EFL with large optics capabilities affect the DRI?

The focal length determines the field of view (FOV) of the thermal imaging camera. The longer the focal length, the smaller the FOV, which translates into more pixels across a target at a fixed range (meaning, the target angle divided by the IFOV angle).

What can Quanhom lens control board do for you?

A good assistant method for monitoring targets in thermal imaging by IR zooming lens with thermal imaging cores especially for long-distance surveillance and homeland security