Off-the-shelf & Custom Infrared Lens, thermal imaging cameras & systems components

Introduction of continuous zoom lens

Infrared lens design
Infrared lens design is not just a simple optical path and structure design, but a complex process including optical path, structure, mechanical, electrical, application, coat, cycle and other aspects. We have experienced design team and processing team to complete the entire design project. The complete design and processing capability from concept to prototype of mass production enables us to provide ideal solutions for our customers.
Lens processing precision
The lens is the core part of the infrared lens. The processing precision and surface coating technology of the lens affect the performance of lens directly. We have advanced lens processing suppliers which can complete the aspherical lens processing and high quality coating processing.
Quality processing services
High precision processing equipment to ensure that the lens mechanical parts will not become the short board of the lens. We can not only provide customers with professional parts design and processing guidance, but also provide customers with quality processing services.
Module optimizing
For different environments, different use scenarios, different observation targets and so on, Quanhom can make special adjustments to the module algorithm. The commonly used algorithms such as distortion-removing algorithm, half-ground algorithm, gain adjustment, image parameter adjustment and so on, have been very mature. We can also provide customized algorithms based on customer requirements, such as UAV target enhancement algorithms for UAV reconnaissance.

Distortion correction effect display

Before distortion correction (anti-distortion)

After distortion correction (anti-distortion)

Before distortion elimination (anti-distortion)

After distortion elimination (anti-distortion)

thermal imaging module/ core
Improvements in detector technology allow infrared devices to see things through a pair of brighter eyes. The 1280 resolution module takes us into a whole new world of infrared.

HD Core 1280x1024