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Thermal Imaging Devices(Portable)

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Thermal Imaging Devices(Portable)

Infrared optics experts for customizing various infrared hunting optic, hand-held thermal imaging devices

Thermal Goggles

Thermal imaging monocular/binoculars

TWS Thermal Weapon Sight

HHTI hand-held thermal imagers

Thermal Imaging Devices(Portable) applications:

HHTI hand-held thermal imager can clearly see people, weapons, and animals in harsh environments such as full black, smoke, dust, rain and snow, trees, camouflage, etc. This has a great effect on finding enemy conditions in advance and quickly finding prey, which can meet fast high-precision stable shooting. Lightweight, small size, easy to carry.

  • Thermal Goggles, TWS Thermal Weapon Sight
  • Thermal Imaging Monocular / Binoculars, HHTI hand-held thermal imagers
Products Characteristics:
  • Off-the-shelf selections for typical EFL lenses
  • Hard carbon coating
  • Light weight
  • Designed for hand-held device applications
  • Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) or low reflection hard carbon (AR) AR coating
  • Fast FOV change
  • Accurate thru-zoom bore sight
  • Folded optics technology when required
  • Compatible with major MWIR & LWIR detectors
  • Diffraction-limited optical design
  • Athermal compensation
  • Maintains focus through the zoom