Off-the-shelf & Custom Infrared Lens, thermal imaging cameras & systems components

Component Design and Customization Service

ODM / OEM Optical Design

Are you looking for Infrared optics and thermal imaging components? Do you need custom Infrared optics and thermal imaging components?

Quanhom has an experienced engineering team with deep knowledge of optical design and the manufacturing process. We service companies from various industries, including Airborne, Security & Surveillance,Maritime & Naval Surveillance, Thermography, Thermal Imaging Devices(Portable),Defense,Enhanced Vision. We invite you to work with us to move your optical products to market as quickly as possible with the lowest cost.

Our optical design engineer

Our experienced and inspired experts are always able to offer optimized infrared lens glass and assembly options either with customers supplied designs or with using our own.

Suppose you’re developing a new product or instrument that involves optics but requires optical or systems engineering, troubleshooting, or design for manufacturability. In that case, Quanhom engineering services can help from design to prototype to total production.

Our engineering department is one of the most extensive and most skilled in the industry. We make available to you a team of engineers and lens designers, including optical, mechanical, optoelectrical, and systems engineers who have helped hundreds of companies develop high-performance systems.

The lens designers and optical engineers work every day with manufacturing, metrology, and assembly to ensure your completed optical component or assembly results in the performance your system demands.

The diversity of talent in our engineering services team can help solve the most challenging optical design challenges. And while our process is proven effective, sometimes finding the best solution takes a fresh perspective.

Alignment example of LWIR lens with customers' thermal imaging cores
In order to improve the compatibility between our lenses and customers' original products (module, etc.), and ensure the convenience of customers to use our lenses, our company provides professional components design and customization services to satisfy the lens application in different scenes. Mainly provide the following components design and customization:
Connectors between lenses and modules
Fitting ring, increase the contact area, improve the movement heat exchange, conducive to the lenses and modules heat dissipation, reduce the impact of temperature on imaging
Professional laser marking, distinguish connecting components, at the same time convenient traceability
The waist groove can be adjusted to ensure the imaging maintain forward direction at any time
30° chamfering, easy to install most screws
Module imaging forward marking, convenient operators to install module and lens
Custom limit hole, custom the corresponding limit hole according to the module
Connectors between lenses and modules

The professional design team can design and customize products according to the customers' application requirements. After the design is completed, the sample can be 3D printed (nylon material), and the mold can be designed and then mass produce products after ensuring there is no problem.

Design and customize other components

QUANHOM can complete most of the components processing, such as precision components processing, die-casting products processing, aluminum materials rough processing, plastic components injection molding processing, plastic components blow molding and rotational molding processing and a series of other processing.


Before we get started, we first need to understand what your system needs to do at the end of the day. Only when we have fully comprehended what the true system requirements are, that’s when the design process begins.


We brainstorm and develop one or several possible optical design solutions, while keeping you involved. Our flexible and dynamic process is effective for any design challenges that may arise. Collaboration leads to success—for your system and your company.


Depending on your needs and scope, you will receive an optical design that’s ready for rapid prototyping or production at completion. You’ll receive full specifications and requisite supporting documentation.

We use ZEMAX, Code V and LightTools, MATLAB and Mathematica software.

ODM / OEM Optical Design

Optical Lenses Designed for Manufacturing

Quanhom has a strong engineering team with deep knowledge of optical design and manufacturing process.We service companies from a wide range of industries including Airborne, Security & Surveillanc,Maritime & Naval Surveillance, Thermography, Thermal Imaging Devices(Portable), Defens, Enhanced Vision, We invite you to work with us to move your optical products to market as quickly as possible with the lowest cost.