Off-the-shelf & Custom Infrared Lens, thermal imaging cameras & systems components

TED Series Thermal Camera Module

30mm F#0.85 GCZ103013D

ITD 6412

300mm F#1.3 1Km GCZ103013D


120mm F#1.4 GLE12014D


Infrared systems are similar to custom systems, each customer has different needs.Thus,Quanhom has accumulated rich resources to ensure that each new project through the trial producrion process before being deliverced to the customer.


Ultra-short delivery cycle is one of the core competitiveness of Quanhom. We will try our best to meet the customer's delivery time.

After-sale Service

Quanhom test team will record the detailed parameters of all sold products to ensure the quality and timeliness after sale.

ODM / OEM Optical Design

Optical Lenses Designed for Manufacturing

Quanhom has a strong engineering team with deep knowledge of optical design and manufacturing process.We service companies from a wide range of industries including Airborne, Security & Surveillance,Maritime & Naval Surveillance, Thermography, Thermal Imaging Devices(Portable), Defense, Enhanced Vision, We invite you to work with us to move your optical products to market as quickly as possible with the lowest cost.