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Sea, Land and Air Surveillance System

Radar, infrared, visible light, 7x24h all-weather sea, land and air network monitoring system

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Network Command Center

Can be connected to the customer's networked command center, flexible configuration, 7x24h all-weather monitoring.

The land and sea adopts EO/IR monitoring system for 7x24h all-weather monitoring without blind spots.

A multi-dimensional monitoring system with radar detection and EO/IR system monitoring in the air.

System Solution Introduction

Technical Realization

The intelligent photoelectric prevention and control system for border defense perimeter and important places is designed and developed according to the actual needs of border security. It consists of three parts: front-end multi-dimensional sensors, smart optoelectronics, and back-end display control dispatch command center. The system has the characteristics of unattended, all-day monitoring, intelligent analysis, and alarm, target identification, locking, and tracking. The integrated intelligent photoelectric three-dimensional prevention and control system is based on radar/spectrum, photoelectric intelligent linkage technology, sea (ship), land (vehicle, person), air (civil aviation passenger aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle, low and slow flying objects). Information management technology, AI edge computing intelligent identification technology, multi-spectral fusion, and high-definition image coding technology, Internet of Things technology, big data processing, and other advanced technologies are integrated to build an intelligent visual three-dimensional prevention and control system. Using radar, spectrum, optoelectronic linkage, spatial coordinate positioning, AI intelligent identification, dynamic label navigation, heterogeneous data aggregation, visual interface fusion, and other technical means, the centralized and unified management platform is used to realize the monitoring of important areas such as air, ground, coast, and border defense. Three-dimensional prevention and control command business. By effectively combining multi-source data such as multi-point video data, radar data, vehicle data, personnel data, ship data, key areas, and important equipment operation data in one screen, it can cooperate with customers' customized business processes to be more flexible, Efficient interactive mode to realize defense applications such as anti-terrorism prevention and control, public security prevention and control, emergency command, comprehensive command, and information fusion in the air, ground, and sea areas in important and important places.

Anti-intrusion solution for low, small and slow targets in the sky

In buildings and dense jungle areas, deploy one or more sets of spectrum detectors at the high points of the buildings for the primary detection of small targets in the mantle. Optoelectronics and integrated directional suppression jammers, all the above equipment are under the unified dispatch of the UAV countermeas1-ure platform to form a set of anti-UAV countermeasure systems with integrated observation, recognition, and attack for the region, the core of which is unmanned aerial vehicle. Mechanism countermeasure system accusation platform.

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Coastal perimeter intrusion prevention solutions

Around the far coastline, shore-based radars are deployed at high points, and spherical photoelectric turntables with high protection performance are simultaneously deployed. The radars are used to monitor the detection of ship targets at long distances on the sea surface. Target locking, tracking, identification, early warning, image capture, reporting and other functions are independently completed by the optoelectronic device itself; the above functions can be completed even without a network; in order to cooperate with more systems, the optoelectronic system can also accept The signal access from AIS marine response system and underwater sonar detection equipment realizes the linkage alarm and alarm review of multi-signal and photoelectric system.

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Land and Shore Perimeter Intrusion Prevention System

In the key control area of the island, the surrounding people and vehicles are the key points of defense. The existing technical means similar to the surrounding barbed wire often cause false alarms due to the intrusion of animals. For this reason, radars are deployed at the high points of the defense circle and deployed synchronously. Multi-spectral photoelectric, radar is used in the surrounding area. After finding the target approaching the defense circle, the information will be transmitted to photoelectricity. The functions such as drawing and reporting are completed independently by the optoelectronic equipment itself; the above functions can be completed even without a network; in order to cooperate with more systems, the optoelectronic system can also receive alarm signals from the perimeter vibration optical fiber and barbed wire. , to realize the linkage alarm and alarm review of multi-signal and photoelectric system.

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