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Thermal Imaging Systems Tuning Service
Infrared optical system upgrade and Tuning

The infrared optics industry is growing rapidly and the existing equipment can't meet the demand? Hope to join the infrared optics industry, but don't know how to start?

Quanhom has extensive experience in system integration and application and is able to provide low-cost upgrades to aging optical systems. Quanhom hopes to contribute to the infrared optics industry, whether you are experienced or inexperienced, we are willing to cooperate with you and do our best to help you achieve great ambitions in the infrared industry.

Operating Mode

Quanhom technical team has professional mechanical designers, electronic engineers, optical designers, algorithm engineers and so on.

Quanhom will treat every project or customer with a professional and rigorous service attitude.

Infrared thermal imaging involves special knowledge fields, so system tuning and upgrading need to be completed by people with different knowledge structures.

Introduction to Infrared System
Different users have different needs for infrared thermal imaging, but the essence of infrared thermal imaging system is composed of target, lens(metal components, lenses, electrical components, and so on), core(imaging, information output, and so on), motion control and information post-processing(display equipment, image further processing and so on).
Infrared thermal imaging system image
Objective Examples
Lens examples
Borders and Ports
Circuit board
Continuous zoom lens, is suitable for observation between buildings, can zoom in or out of the picture.
Manual lens with core, is suitable for outdoor research and so on.
Athermalized lens with short focal lens is suitable for industrial purposes, such as circuit board inspection and so on.
System Structure

Quanhom can help customers quickly set up the infrared thermal infrared imaging system, as far as possible to choose mature products to ensure the cost performance of the whole system.

System Tseting

Professional testers carry out targeted testing according to use scenarios and customers' needs, to ensure that customers receive qualified product.


Infrared systems are similar to custom systems, each customer has different needs.Thus,Quanhom has accumulated rich resources to ensure that each new project through the trial producrion process before being deliverced to the customer.


Ultra-short delivery cycle is one of the core competitiveness of Quanhom. We will try our best to meet the customer's delivery time.

After-sale Service

Quanhom test team will record the detailed parameters of all sold products to ensure the quality and timeliness after sale.