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GCZ continuous zoom IR lens

Continuous zoom lens is the middle-end and high-end customized products. With the popularization of the infrared technology, continuous zoom lens is developing towards the direction of high precision, small volume, low cost and mass production. Quanhom has rich experience in continuous zoom lens customization. We customize different lens control schemes and add other functions such as temperature compensation according to customers' requirements. In short, we will continue to improve the products' functions.

Security Monitoring

Fire Alarm

High Temperature Warning

Car Night Vision

Monocular Handheld

Introduction of continuous zoom lens
Although the volume and weight of the current continuous zoom lens are relatively large, the advantages of continuous zoom lens are also obvious:
Wide range of focus;
Strong universality, multiple application scenarios;
High integration, customize integration design;
In order to strive for excellence, Quanhom is committed to creating a lightweight continuous zoom lens.

GCZ425 A02 Y01 sunny day effect

GCZ925 effect video

Motor selection video introduction:
The motor is the main moving component of the continuous zoom lens of which the performance directly affects the function and life of the whole lens. All motors that Quanhom uses for the lens are carefully selected. Besides, Quanhom will choose the suitable motor model and the suitable gear box according to the specific needs of customers, so as to improve the life of products.In addition to the selection of conventional motors, Quanhom is also actively promoting the cooperation of encoders and motors. At the same time, the application of ultrasonic motors in lenses is also included in research and development.
Outstanding design
An excellent design creates an ideal outcome. Although no optical design can be flawless, we can guarantee that each product is the crystal of the designer's expertise and valuable experience.

Lens performance evaluation chart

FIELD Curvature

Polychromatic Diffraction MTF

Transverse Ray Fan Plot

spot diagram