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In the construction industry, when the outside walls fall into disrepair or have other quality issues, casualties caused by their falling pieces may happen. Also, security accidents may be caused by defective building material. All these potential risks can be discovered and prevented by using thermal imaging technology. It can quickly produce a thermal image or video of the building and can clearly reflect the damage or defects of the building when combined with statistical analysis.

The electric power industry is one of the first fields in which thermal imaging technology is used. Standard testing tools have been designated by the DL/T664 and DL/T586 standards in this industry. It plays an irreplaceable role in security risk detection and equipment maintenance and testing. In the electric power industry, all kinds of high and low voltage electrical equipment may have problems of poor contact and material aging due to mechanical vibration, corrosion by dust, damage caused by some external force, etc. These problems will cause abnormal heat in the equipment, which in turn brings security risks and thermal defects. The thermal imager can monitor the overloaded electrical equipment with its established technical means of real-time monitoring in the electric power industry. By analyzing the thermal image of the equipment, it can quickly discover the abnormal temperature spots and position the hidden risks and defects to prevent electric fire accidents.

Thermography applications:

Scientists designing and manufacturing circuit boards face managing heat dissipation like 'How to balance the performance or cost of the problem.' An accurate understanding of thermal issues Straight is a challenging thing. However, with thermal imaging, Engineers can easily observe the equipment they manufacture in Thermal mode and quantitative analysis to design better products.

  • Thermal Infrared Predictive Maintenance
  • Body Temperature Rapid Screening Thermal Camera
Products Characteristics:
  • More options for athermalization,optical athermalized GLA series,motorized athermalized lens optional
  • Ultra-light weight Zoom & Fixed focus lenses
  • High optical performance
  • Designed for thermometry applications
  • Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) or low reflection hard carbon (AR) AR coating
  • Compatible with major MWIR & LWIR detectors
  • Athermal compensation