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Enhanced Vision

ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems).

Driving at night brings serious safety hazards to drivers of trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles. Major accidents often occur at night and in rainy and foggy weather because it is difficult for the driver to see the accident clearly.

Source, collisions cannot be avoided in time. Every year, there are thousands of night accidents on large vehicles, many of which are bad weather conditions. In this case, the driver's fastThe ability to decelerate is reduced, fatigue will affect the reaction time, and vision is severely reduced in the dark.

An infrared thermal imaging camera is a powerful driver's vision enhancement system, which significantly reduces the risk of driving at night, enabling the driver to see up to 5 times the headlight distance. It does not need light to operate under any circumstances. Because of the thermal imaging camera, drivers can quickly detect and identify potential hazards and avoid fatal accidents. Thermal imaging cameras can also help drivers see the road's edge better, spot curves ahead, avoid instantaneous blind spots caused by the glare of front lights, and see-through light smoke, dust, mist, and light rain. More and more car manufacturers are adopting this technology to assist night driving, and buses and trucks can benefit from this technology.

Enhanced Vision applications:

Many major automakers have invested billions of dollars in such scenarios. Such a system provides a range of functions, including semi-automatic or fully automatic driving, collision avoidance, and warning systems. To obtain the best performance and the slightest risk of collision, the thermal imaging night vision system must achieve high accuracy and allow long-distance object detection. These factors are essential to provide adequate response time for the driver.

  • ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems)
  • Thermal Infrared night vision
Products Characteristics:
  • Small Form Factor lenses to fit miniature gimbals
  • High Optical Performance