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How can the thermal imaging module without zooming and automatic focus function realize the automati

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How can the thermal imaging module without zooming and automatic focus function realize the automati

Update Time:2022/9/6

Although without zooming and automatic focus function, even installed with a continuous zoom lens or motorized lens, the thermal imaging module can't realize zooming or automatic focus function, We can realize these functions in the case of not changing thermal imaging module by using other subsidiary products like automatic focus control board.

The Principle of operation is easy. Connect the motor and potentiometer to the control board, by which sending the command to control the motor. Then the analog video of the thermal imaging module is output to the control board which will analyze the analog video. In the process of the automatic focus, the control board will analyze the position of the focus motor corresponding to the clearest picture, and then control the focus motor running to the position through the control board to complete the automatic focus.

As soon as the customer have their needs, we will try our best to meet the need. The Y02 control panel provided by our company have lots of functions:Besides the basic zooming and automatic focus function, it has the present position function, the designated location zooming and focus function, the automatic focus fine tuning function, the automatic reading zooming and focus functions of the upper and lower limits. In order to ensure that our control panel can meet the requirement of the most customer and be suitable for most application scenarios, the temperature compensation function, the encoder motor control function and focal automatic control function are currently being added. Contact us directly if details about the Y02 control board are required.