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What are DLC and AR coating?

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What are DLC and AR coating?

Update Time:2022/9/6

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) membrane is an amorphous carbon membrane. The membrane contains a certain number of sp3 bonds, giving it a series of excellent properties close to diamond. It has the advantages of low deposition temperature and large area deposition.

Among various hard membranes, DLC membrane can be positioned as a membrane material with high hardness and excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.

AR (Anti-Reflection) membrane cannot change the absorption rate of the lens itself. It can only increase the transmittance by reducing the reflectance on both sides of the lens, which is the so-called "reflection and antireflection".

Light is an electromagnetic wave. By matching the refractive index and thickness of the AR membrane, the light produces multi-beam interference in the AR membrane-destructive interference on the upper surface and constructive interference on the lower surface.