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What is the composition,working principle and application of laser rangefinder

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What is the composition,working principle and application of laser rangefinder

Update Time:2023/3/8

1.  The composition and working principle of laser rangefinder:

· The laser rangefinder consists of an optical system, a laser, a drive circuit, a receiving circuit, a signal processing circuit, a system power circuit and an external data interface circuit, as shown in the figure below:


· The signal processing circuit receives the ranging command sent by the upper computer through the external data interface circuit, and then sends the control signal to the drive circuit. After receiving the control signal, the drive circuit injects an electrical pulse signal into the laser. The laser pulse laser output from the laser is sent to the detected target by the optical transmitting system, and and simultaneously the main wave collected by the receiving circuit is sent to the signal processing circuit after truing. Reflected back by the target, the laser signal is converged to the receiving circuit through the receiving optical system, and then sent to the signal processing circuit after amplification and truing. The signal processor receives the main wave and echo to realize data sampling, counting and calculation. After completing data processing, the signal processing circuit uploads the distance information to the upper computer, so as to complete a distance measurement.

·  LRF G905 as an example, as shown in the figure below, after connecting the upper computer with it, the pulse laser is output from bit 8 to the target through signal processing and conduction. Then the laser signal reflected back by the target is transmitted by the receiving optical system through the bit 7. And after data conversion, it is transmitted back to the upper computer, finally completing the distance measurement.