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Advantages and applications of SWIR infrared lens

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Advantages and applications of SWIR infrared lens

Jul 6,2021
SWIR infrared imaging lens is also a kind of optical lens. SWIR infrared refers to the wavelength range between 900nm and 2500nm, which is a spectrum invisible to the naked eye. The following is an introduction to the advantages and applications of SWIR Lens.
SWIR infrared lens advantages
1.The infrared lens adopts special lenses, which can gather the light of 430~900nm or even longer wavelength range into the same three-dimensional, so both daytime imaging and night vision are clear.

2.The infrared camera lens is usually made of germanium glass. Germanium glass has a high refractive index and is only transparent to infrared light, but not to visible light and ultraviolet light. Therefore, military observers such as infrared night vision devices use pure germanium to make lenses.

3.The working efficiency of the infrared lens is very high, and its heat dissipation performance is excellent, so the lower the temperature when working, the better the working efficiency.

4.The service life of the infrared lens is very long, and the advanced technology guarantees the working condition of the machine. Its service life is 9 times that of the normal lens.
Advantages and applications of SWIR infrared lens
1.For harbors and borders and coastal defenses, SWIR infrared uses reflected light for imaging. Since the wavelength is longer than visible light, it is easier to pass through haze, fog and high humidity at sea. You can see the name of the ship.

2.Security defense of critical infrastructure In any surveillance, safety, and security work, clear visibility is particularly important. At this time, the more "eyes" you have, the clearer you can see.

3.Fire protection and forest fire protection. The smoke produced by forest fires reduces visibility, which is unfavorable for rescue operations and can cause major economic losses. Unlike the large-area pan-white heat map in the long-wave infrared forest fire image, short-wave infrared can not only penetrate the smoke, but also accurately find the fire point, thereby greatly reducing the search range of the fire point.

For short-wave infrared cameras, special expensive lenses or housings that adapt to harsh environments are almost unnecessary, which makes short-wave infrared lenses useful in a variety of applications and industries. If you want to learn more about SWIR lenses after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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