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Infrared Accessories Laser Range Finder

Infrared Accessories Laser Range Finder
CategoriesOther Thermal Infrared&Night Vision Components
BrandQuanhom Customized Infrared Optics & Infrared Lens
Power Supply4.5V-16V
Repetition ratesmax 2Hz
Operating Temperature-35℃-+73℃
Update Time2021-12-03
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Performance Indicators

Range Performance[m] :

on beamfilling target
NATO target
on man size target
Repetition Rates
max 2Hz
Multiple Target Detection
up to 3 targets
Divergence Typical
Operating Temperature
Product Weight
Product Size[mm]
Power Supply
Communication Interface
UART(3.3V LVCMOS levels)
Mechanical Interface
3 threaded holes,2 positioning holes
Download document
file name
Laser Ranger Finder
- Why the lens autofocus is not clear?

There are many reasons why the lens autofocus is not clear, the main reasons are as follows which can be checked one by one:

1. During the focusing process, there is a large moving target in the lens screen (occupying more than 1/3 of the picture), can be refocused;

2.If the lens is used for a long time, the gear, CAM and other transmission parts wear and tear, resulting in unclear focus, the module or control board parameters can be adjusted to make the focus clear again;

3. Hardware problems, such as potentiometer does not work, replace the hardware that does not work.

- Why can not the lens control board or module connect to the computer?

There are many reasons why the lens control board and the computer cannot be connected, the main reasons are as follows which can be checked one by one:

1. Replace the USB port, which may be incompatible with the data cable;

2.Replace the data cable,maybe the data cable is not compatible with the computer or the cable data is wrongly selected;

3. Confirm the wiring of the module or the control board, maybe the wiring is loose;

4.Module or control board hardware problem, replace the hardware.

Enhanced Vision
Homeland Security
Maritime & Naval
Security & Surveillance
Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Screening
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