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What is optical athermalized technology for infrared lens?

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What is optical athermalized technology for infrared lens?

Update Time:2021/8/10

The basic starting point of optical athermalization technology is to use the temperature characteristics of different optical materials, such as linear expansion coefficient, refractive index temperature gradient, etc.


While meeting the system's imaging quality requirements, appropriately selecting materials, and reasonably distributing the optical power of each lens. So that the defocus amount of the entire optical system itself is consistent with the thermal expansion of the lens barrel, and the optical athermalization design belongs to passive temperature compensation.


To obtain an optical system that not only eliminates chromatic aberration, but also eliminates chromatic aberration, the following three conditions must be met: optical power, achromatic aberration, and heat dissipation. The optical system needs to contribute at least three optical powers to achieve the simultaneous elimination of thermal and chromatic aberrations.


Special attention is paid to the fact that the optical system contributes at least three optical powers. It does not mean that the optical system needs at least three lenses. For example, a diffractive surface can be used in the system to contribute optical power, thereby reducing the number of lenses.


In the optical athermal design, Quanhom team has accumulated a wealth of design experience, we can customize according to customer demand.