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What is the purpose of infrared optical athermalization for infrared lenses?

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What is the purpose of infrared optical athermalization for infrared lenses?

Update Time:2021/8/13

Infrared optical systems often work in environments with a relatively large temperature range. The thermal expansion coefficient of optical materials and mechanical materials and the change in refractive index of optical materials with temperature will seriously affect the performance of the optical system.


Compared with optical materials in the visible light band, the refractive index of most infrared optical materials changes with temperature gradient dn/dt relatively large, so the thermal effect of the infrared optical system is more obvious.


To obtain satisfactory image quality, we can use mechanical (electromechanical) methods or optical methods to achieve the athermalization of the system. For instance, use a manual or closed-loop servo system to adjust the distance between optical parts to realize the refocusing of the system under the new temperature environment. Or by selecting appropriate optical materials and rationally distributing the optical power of each optical component to achieve optical athermalization.


When ambient temperature change affects the performance of the entire infrared system, an athermal design is required. In this regard, the Quanhom team has accumulated a wealth of experience. If you require a thermal lens, the Quanhom team will be professional Knowledge and an enthusiastic attitude to serve you.