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6 Reasons for the Poor Imaging Quality of Infrared Continuous Zoom Lenses

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6 Reasons for the Poor Imaging Quality of Infrared Continuous Zoom Lenses

May 28,2021
six reasons for the poor image quality of the infrared continuous zoom experience

Infrared continuous zoom lenses are widely used in security and surveillance because of high-quality images and advanced continuous zoom technology. However, when the infrared continuous zoom lens has poor imaging quality, it will affect the function of target detection and tracking and reduce work efficiency. The following are six reasons for the poor image quality of the infrared continuous zoom experience.

Electronic signal interference

The interior of the infrared continuous zoom camera is a highly integrated system, which is more susceptible to interference from external electronic signals. If the monitoring screen appears to be bounced or striped, it may be that the camera interferes. Please be careful to keep away from the source of electronic signal interference when installing.

Focus is not adjusted clearly
After the lens zoom is adjusted, the focus should be adjusted accordingly. The focus can be clear within a certain depth of field (sometimes it may be very small). If the focus is not clear, the focus may not be adjusted to the best position.

Dirt on the lens

Dirt on the lens of the infrared continuous zoom lens will directly cause the blur and hazy feeling of the monitoring picture. Be careful not to pinch the two ends of the lens when installing, it is easy to leave fingerprints on the lens. In case the lens is stained with fingerprints or dust, be sure to wipe it with a special wiping paper instead of a paper towel or soft cloth dipped in alcohol (it is easy to destroy the coating on the lens surface).

There is a problem with the electronic shutter or white balance setting
When the camera leaves the factory, various adjustment devices are generally set in the best default position. If there is no special need, it is best to keep the default settings unchanged during installation.

Back focus needs to be adjusted

The so-called back focus (non-flange focal length) refers to the distance from the vertex of the last lens surface of the lens to the focal plane. After the zoom is adjusted, the image is still not clear when the focus is adjusted to the best position (or the telephoto end of the lens is focused clearly and then the zoom is pushed to the wide-angle end to observe whether the picture is clear at the wide-angle end), there may be a rear focus problem.

Some infrared continuous zoom cameras (or lenses) are equipped with a back focus adjustment device, and some have the focus control in a small range at the factory. If there is no back focus adjustment device and it is confirmed that there is a back focus problem, it can only be repaired, Add an adapter ring or replace the corresponding product.

Insufficient pixels of the camera or lens itself

The realization of the high performance of the camera depends on the perfect match of the body and the lens. The most important point is the same resolution. If you are using a standard-definition analog camera, even if it is equipped with a million high-definition lens, the displayed picture is still not clear; on the contrary, if it is a normal lens with a high-definition camera, then the megapixels of the camera cannot be reflected.

When we find the reason for the poor imaging quality of the lens, we need to make adjustments or repairs in time. If after reading the above content, you feel that it is not very effective for you, please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with professional consultation and effective solutions.

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